The Rainbow Dragons and Little Sleepyhead

The Rainbow Dragons and Little Sleepyhead


The Rainbow Dragon brothers live on Dra-Dra planet in their magic castles and every morning they rebuild an amazing rainbow bridge which people cross to leave their nighttime dreams and come back home. As you may have guessed, you can only get to this planet in your sleep and this is exactly how Little Sleepy(head), a dreamer boy, found himself there, and learned the value of true friendship through amazing adventures. So, which Rainbow Dragon is your favorite?

The complete story is also available in English.

A popular app for smart phones and tablets has been developed based on the book.

Other fascinating adventures of the multicoloured Rainbow Dragon brothers can be found in the book «The Rainbow Dragons and the Faery Game».

Format 25 x 25 cm
Hard Cover
36 pages

Age range: 3-7 years

Author Anton Siyanika
Illustrators Svetlana Moroz, Konstantin Fedorov

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