Mom Hurries Home

Mom Hurries Home

"Mom Hurries Home" is an amazing story that could have happened in any city but only in a family that believes in miracles.

Active and inventive five-year-old Alex shares a special bond with his Mom and Dad. Inspired by Alex’s imagination, Mom turns her daily trips home from work into magical adventure stories! Awaiting her arrival, Alex transforms these tales into cooperative fantasy games that he plays with his best friend Lei and pet toy dragon Dee-Dee. Whether it’s saving their apartment from a troll invasion, or searching for lost gnome treasure – Alex’s games are not only fun, they also help build his social and story-telling skills. Each new game gets so exciting that even busy work-from-home Dad sometimes joins in. Mom plays a part too, inspiring the kids with fun-filled tasks to complete by the time she gets home. Once back from work, Mom shares her imaginary stories with Alex and Dad – they love how she transforms their humdrum city into a magical place! Alex proudly shares how he’s got everything ready for Mom (though never without a glitch!) and the whole family play their part in supporting Alex’s extraordinary fairytale games.

Despite the fact the project is very young – it had already hit the pitching short-lists of the main European and American Animation Marketplaces, such as Cartoon Forum, Animation Production Day, Cartoon 360, Annecy International Animated Film Festival (MIFA), Ottawa International Animation Festival, The Financing Forum for Kids Content. 

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Adventure, Comedy
Pre-school 3-6, 2D
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