Mom Hurries Home Gift Set

If you are looking for unique gifts, give joy!
We have a ready-made solution for you. It’s our Glowberry gift set.

The gift set consists of the following items:

  • "Mom Hurries Home" book. Get ready for incredible adventures and an exciting story about Mom who, on the way home, meets some fantastic creatures in the very heart of the modern city.
  • "A Giant Awakens" book. Mom's adventures continue, and this time she meets a real Giant who has been sleeping for so long that a whole city was built on top of him. And he awakens at the time when mom hurries home.
  • "Mom Hurries Home For the Holiday" coloring book. It’s full of Mom's New Year's adventures that your child will enjoy coloring.

In addition, you don’t need to think about festive packaging!
Our set is in a bright gift package. You can put under a Christmas tree, under a pillow, or give it as a birthday present right away.

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